At its foundation, Kitchen Blueprint is the brain of the kitchen

We create transparency with data and insights to show where costs are truly going, where loss is happening and how processes can be more efficient across the back-of-house.

Kitchen Blueprint makes smart choices for you

Advancing kitchen operations from siloed, manual and reactive, to transparent, automated, and under control. 

Real-time inventory

Customer demand (forecast)

Daily prep

Real-time costing

Demand-based staffing


Prioritizing P&L

We know intelligence is the key to increased profitability

Lower Labor Costs

Reduce Food Costs

Optimize for Scale

Eliminate hundreds of hours a month in manual inventory tasks so you can repurpose managerial efforts to proactive, customer-facing activities.

Demand forecasting and responsive ordering cut down on loss, excess and misuse, so you can make better buying decisions, limit food waste and free up cash flow.

Our model is purpose-built for multi-unit concepts to trial and scale the solution, with pricing that reflects number of locations.

Our flexible tools were built to serve corporate offices, franchise owners and general managers alike

How it works


Partner with Kitchen Blueprint to establish the metrics that matter for your stores.


We will unify your data sources while you choose your testing locations (typically 1-3 stores).


Designate users and launch your pilot! Your data is stored securely in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. 


Connect regularly with our on-demand support team to optimize Kitchen Blueprint for your unique processes and operations. 

Kitchen Blueprint Transforms the Foodservice Industry

An integrated platform

Streamlines the biggest P&L drivers across the entire restaurant footprint, whether that’s 20 or 2,000 locations - even across brands.

A touchless experience

Automates inventory, prep and forecasting to predict entire supply chain impacts and true labor gaps.

A connected kitchen

Advances kitchen operations making employees more efficient, operations more transparent and customers more satisfied.

Ready to get started? 

Kitchen Blueprint is for innovative restaurant groups looking to boost store-level efficiencies, better predict supply needs and sharpen their bottom line.